Wednesday, 13 July 2011

saDneSs ! :(

hyee guys , nk story mory ny ! hehe ! firstly about him ! da rr ary ny dy xlyan aq haishhh , aq da tgo da dy dluu tpy dy yg xtgo aq kayy finee uwhh aq accept larh an ! yg aq xsuke ble dy ckpp psall ex-bf aq yg laen ! plizz larhh stop that stupid thing , u just know jealous , jealous and jealous ! erghhh .. --' ! then , you just want me do something that i don't want to . i'm just not readyy larhh ! hurmm , u alway say something that i feel like FUCKING you know ! i hope you can understand me muchh more than other people kay ! i trust you , i know you can do it ! btw ,  i don't mind larhh , you just do what ever thing you like kay ! i don't force you ! tq ! --' !

mood : angry

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